We are explorers...

We are seekers. We are also Explorers…

We are driven to explore… It’s hardwired into us.

The sense of exploring that comes when YOU are already found… found to be whole, worthy, complete, good, good enough… is amazing.


Remember being a little kid? Exploring your neighborhood, or Grandma’s backyard? Or The campsite your family used to go to… or the creek behind your school…

I could go on, you get the point.


Remember when life seemed magical, new, amazing? Do you remember being in awe of it all? The wonderment you felt about the great big world?

That “You” didn’t go anywhere… it was just replaced by a series of perspectives about the world that make the world look like “not the awesome” world it is.

You’ve got stories. Programming. Conditioning… you’ve been trained to NOT be the curious little kid on a treasure hunt…

You’ve been taught to believe it’s not magical, not wonderful, and that it’s hard, you’ve got to work hard, be perfect, lifes a bitch, get a helmet… and so on.


So, maybe you don’t see the world as hard, maddening, frustrating etc… do you still see the world and your place in it like a 5 year old? Didn’t think so.

But what if you did?

Sure, the world is “Real” and “REAL SHIT” happens…

But not near as much as we believe it does.

That thing looming over your head if do or don’t do something just right…

It doesn’t exist except that you think it does, except that you believe it does…

Yep. Life can be hard, people die, you’ll die, family members will get sick, a hurricane will blow in and destroy your home and your business… clowns will get elected, tyrants blow up innocent people… uh huh, all true.



All manner of shit IS going to happen to you.

Acting like nothings wrong and positive thinking your way into blissed out, stoned ape everyday isn’t what I’m talking about.

On the other hand… how much “shit” are you adding on top of all that based on how you’re “being” and how you’re participating as you encounter life?

This rabbit hole goes deep, maybe we’ll explore it together soon, but think about this – what would your experience of your life be like if you approached it with the curiosity and wonderment of a child?


I’m talking childlike here, not childish.

You are afterall an adult, part of the equation is responsibility… level headed, feet firmly on the ground, managing your shit for sure…

Just from a different perspective.

When we do this, inevitably it leads us into an adventure… coming?

PS being a “grown-up” isn’t necessarily what you’ve been led to believe 😉