Dude, It's a Game.

Tag, You're "IT".

Slow down.

Pay attention.

Be Present.


This gets deep and right quick…

It’s hidden in plain sight, right under your nose.
It’s so simple, we tend to miss it.

It is whatever you think it is.

Actually. That’s “IT” – and, also the point.


It is what it is.
And it will be what you make it.
Because it is what you think it is.



We’re all talking about the same thing, from different points of perspective, on the spectrum of being human.

It can be hard…

It can be the ultimate test…

It can be a “purgatory” where you have to live through it as many times as it takes in order to learn what to do and what not to do…

It can be just a bunch of nonsense that happens after enough time and pressure…


Maybe this is a simulation built by some 3rd grader who gets C’s and D’s in school, tinkering with some half-working computer in his parent’s shed… in another universe or another dimension altogether.


Maybe it’s the ultimate battle of a Zeus-like figure (who’s perfect btw) with another god-like entity who “fell from grace” who “he” created (that doesn’t match my definition of “perfect” but, you know, whatever) and the stakes are your soul for all of eternity…

And, all you gotta do is “ask” for forgiveness, regardless of the atrocities you’ve committed.


Maybe we’re the long-lost (or watched from a distance) leftovers of a slave race created by aliens to mine gold for their atmosphere back home… cuz they got’s the tech bro, and don’t wanna work…


Maybe we’re just stoned apes.


These are some of the “unanswerable questions” we must contend with.

It is what you say it is.

These are all interpretations of the same thing. We’ll come back to that in a short.


Maybe, it’s a game you’ve designed for yourself, and the “what it is” and “what it’s about” and the “what this is for” is entirely up to you…


Maybe, you are Source, utilizing itself to experience itself. Pretending to be separate, an individual, like self-inflicted amnesia.


Use discernment here, think for yourself.


It doesn’t matter what you believe except that what you believe works for you (or against you) according to how you believe it.


It is what it is.
And, it will be what you make it.
Because it is what you think it is. 

We are…


The Seekers, Explorers, Adventurers, Creators, and Guides.


Life is the path, you are the way…

‘We’re all just walking each other home.’ ~ Ram Dass


It is whatever you think it is.

You’re doing it.


getting it the way you’re getting it, whether you like it or not, whether you know better or not.


Actually, you do “it” perfectly. You’re flawless at it – creating your experience…

If you only knew exactly what you were doing, and how it actually works.

I’ll go easy with the teasing… sparingly enough to pull you forward…

not so much to push you away – I’ll do that in a rather upfront, matter-of-fact way soon, so as to not waste our time. Deal?


The point is, you are constantly talking yourself into and out of everything you want.

It’s hidden in plain sight, right under your nose.
It’s so simple, we tend to miss it.

That’s why you’re here, no?
To figure out how to get what you want?

And get it, actually?


You’re here to stop talking yourself out of it, in your highly sophisticated and clever little ways… as well as to stop talking yourself into things that don’t serve you.

Whether that’s a completely different life, or to sort out that one last thing once and for all.

There’s something you want to be different about your life or your “self,” or you’re hot on the tracks of “the thing” – “the secret” – “the magic behind the curtain…”



Here you go, slow down, pay attention, and get present, or as Ferris says “…you could miss it” (Again).

And, well, that’d be a shame… however, that may in fact be your path. I won’t judge.


Here “it” is:

It’s simple.

      • It is what it is,
      • and it’ll be what you make it
      • because it is what you think it is.


It’s all you. You’re doing it.
You’re doing it this very minute.
You do it so well, that you’re not even aware of it.

You’ve perfected the art of being you.

The best place to hide something…

…is in plain sight.

The Game:


Dude, it’s a game. An inner game…

One of hide and seek, played between you and your identity.


You are Source, having an experience, as an individual, for the sake of experiencing yourself (consciousness and all that you have created).


The core game we’re playing here is hide and seek.

All the other games we play are second-order games at best, designed to keep you occupied as part of the main or core game of hide and seek.


Self (little self/identity/ego) is constantly seeking Source and hiding from it. A highly sophisticated yet ultimately simple game. A fantastically beautiful game.

You’re not who you think you are…

Dude, it’s a game.
An inner game, one of hide and seek,
played between You and your Identity. A game constructed in order for you to have a “real” experience… 


It’s an elaborate game you’ve designed in order to believe and act as though you are separate from the greater whole…

And you keep your “self” occupied by chasing one thing after the next – these are the “other games” you play.

…each day with these games you play, you go on creating more of what you’re creating.


The kicker? Source/Consciousness/Life Force/The Field/God/Whatever You Call it doesn’t care one way or another if you deem that experience “good” or “bad” – (It) has no understanding of that… that’s a (You) construct.

Our “Job” if you will is simple, to be and have experience. That’s it. No more, no less (course, this is how I, the writer behind DIG have set up my game… more on that later).

However, in order for us to believe this “Game” is real, and to actually think, feel, and act as though we are individuals and separate from (It), a mechanism at play for the Identity/Individual is to characterize everything we experience… 

Everything we experience is first categorized into one of two buckets, “Good” or “Bad” – that’s for You…

Source doesn’t care as it doesn’t recognize them as different…


And, since You are creating it all, an aspect, or artifact of the Game if you will, is that you can create more of one, more of the other, or a seemingly or not so seeming random mix of both, good and bad. Which, if you want to get really real about it, is subjective… one person’s pain is another person’s pleasure…

Anywho… let’s get back on track and out of that rabbit hole…


Each day, you go on creating more of what you’ve been creating, largely unaware of exactly “what” you are doing, and “how” it actually works…

Getting you what you’ve been getting. 

Whether you like it or not, you are getting it the way you’re getting it, whether you know better or not.

And, you do “it” (playing the game) perfectly. You’re flawless at it – flawless at creating your experience…

If only you knew exactly what you were doing, and how it actually works.

Dude, it’s a game…


You are Source, having an experience, as an individual, for the sake of experiencing yourself.

Tag, you’re “IT.”

The Player:


Source+Your higher self+your identity


Three sides to the same coin… or, “perspectives.”


Who you are.

Who you are being.

Who you think you should be.

Who you think other people think you’re supposed to be.

And, who you wish you were.


You’ve perfected the art of being you, the version of you (the identity) that was established by around 17…


Someone could have pulled you aside and said “the point was to learn how to create an identity and then choose one according to what you thought best, not to create an identity and then be that one for the rest of your life…

Though, they didn’t, or if they did, you didn’t take that to heart. Hence the seeking, the trying to fix something, ort find something.

No worries, that’s what we do here. “Learnin how to be…”


Knowing how to use the “function” of the identity IS what DIG is all about.

Knowing how to do that, is like having the cheat codes to a game…


Doing that is what coders and programmers call having “GodMode” Access. 

It’s like being able to input simple instructions and get the output you wanted… or the output necessary to get the outcomes you wanted?


Yep, you can and are “allowed” to do that. You afterall, are the author(ity) and have full access to your code.

The Rules:

You make them up…

Or, rather, you accepted them on the way to becoming an adult (most were in place before you were a preteen). Some blindly, others begrudgingly, some you’ve even broken and rewritten…

Many of them you’re not even aware of, let alone that you are adhering to them without fail.

It’s your game dude, you can make your own rules… outside of a handful of “fundamental/universal” rules. 

The “rules” of any game are there simply to differentiate one game from the next.

The only difference between Blackjack and Texas Hold’em, are the rules.

The only difference between the life you have and the one you wish you had, are the rules by which you’re playing. 

And it doesn’t matter how slight or how drastically different those two versions of your life are, the only difference is the rules you’ve set up and then play by and/or break.

As an adult, you’re the only one with the authority to install the rules by which your game is based on and played by… any chance you’re playing by someone elses rules?

The Game Play:

Think about when you’ve played a video game, or, if you haven’t, certainly you’ve been around when someone else played one… 

There you are, on the couch, the controller in your hands, watching the tv screen, inputting “moves” into the controller…

As you do, the character you’re playing is carrying out tasks (actions) on the screen…

Now, see yourself on the couch… then look over to your left and see the character on the tv screen…

Those two different perspectives you now have are no different than “real life.”

There’s a version of you with the controller in your hands, the one sitting on the couch – (your mind – or “mental body”) and the version of you on the “screen” – the physical plane (your physical body) carrying out the “inputs” or, as we call them “Instructions.”

The “Game Play” of it all is the interplay between those two perspectives of you, which are wired together by your emotional body and then there’s another “perspective” that works just like like the example above…

If you were able to see yourself sitting on the couch with the video game controller in your hands, and the you looked over to your left and saw the character you were playing on the screen, the perspective you were using is akin to your “spirit(ual) body.”

Being able to switch between these “perspectives” to observe, operate, and participate IS the Game Play.

Knowing how to do this… you already know.

Doing this… you do it unintentionally.

Using this effectively and efficiently (read – INTENTIONALLY)… literally comes down to practice… and, being aware of what exactly you’re doing and how it actually works.

You’re doing it, currently. And you’re currently getting the experience you’re getting because of it.

Remember those kids you played videos games with? There was always at least one kid who would play by smashing all the buttons on the controller, hoping “good things” would happen.

Knowing the actual “moves” – what they do – how they work – and getting “gooder” at inputting those “moves”…

THAT’S the real Game Play. 


The only way to win this game is to play it. Meaning, the act of playing it.

Winning isn’t when you get to the end and it’s “Game Over”… and you’ve got your final score for “this round” or whatever…

because that would be “Game Over.”

Now, if you’re going to play a game… you might as well get good-er at it.

I don’t know about you, but playing a game all day errday, when I’m not very good at it, isn’t much fun… kinda makes for “6 Days” instead of “10 Days.”

If it’s your Game…

Set the Rules.
Create the ultimate Player.
Learn the Moves like a technician.
Get good-er at the Game Play.
Win the fucking Game everyday.

Or not. You’re an adult. You can do whatever you want.

You Are Here:


On getting what you want…

That’s why you’re here, right?

Still seeking the what and the how, trying to solve that ever elusive equation…

“what do I gotta do in order to get what I want?”

While feeling like you’re going about it the “right” way, so you can feel good about it, both the process and the having of it.


Whether that’s love, money, or enlightenment… or, the actual understanding of what this is about, why you’re here, what the point is…

to know what the magic behind the curtain is, why it is, and how to use it.

You want something, what is it?
What are you trying to accomplish?

We’ll come back to that shortly, because it actually doesn’t matter what you want, what you’re after, what you’re seeking, trying to solve, or looking to understand. Getting them, regardless of what that is for you, works the same way.


Let’s start with how to get it (whatever it is that you’re after).

You’ve perfected the art of being you.

Which is a version of you… or who you could be. Keep being you, keep getting what you’ve been getting.

The craziest part about this whole thing is this, it’s in the subtleties, the nuances…

Likely, 98ish percent of who you are is exactly who you need to be… 

Change but a little and you change the whole outcome. 


To say it another way, it’s not big sweeping changes that need to be made in order to get it the way you want it…

Rather, it’s subtle, it’s nuanced, and probably not what you think.


Perspective is everything.
It’s all about communication.
Context matters most.


Slow down.
Pay attention.
Be present.


It is what it is,
and it will be what you make it,
Because it is what You think it is…


It’s you Dude, you’re doing it…


Shall we?

Tag, you’re “IT.”

We are the Seekers, the Explorers, and the Adventures. Learning how to Create (at will), becoming Guides for ourselves and others.