Dude, It’s a Game.

What is?

“This whole thing…

You, being here… having this experience…

Doing this thing, we call life.

It’s a game… (the ultimate role-playing game).

Actually, it is whatever you say it is.

That’s how this works.
And, also, the point.

You’re getting exactly what you want, even when you’re not enjoying it… even if you don’t like it.

We’re constantly talking ourselves into and out of everything we want.

Many of us don’t realize that it’s us that’s doing it… much less how we’re doing it.

If I may… I’d assume that you’re at least partially aware of that.

That You’re doing it…

…the good, the bad, the ‘WTF!?!’ of it all… and, of course, the ‘OMG! This is fucking awesome!

Hence, you bein’ here and all…

…looking for something?”

Justin Sdoti