Dude, It's a Game.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t youre right.‘ – Henry Ford

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.‘ – Albert Einstein 


It doesn’t matter what you believe, except that what you believe works for you according to how you believe it.


Sometimes it works for you.
Sometimes it works against you.


Usually is a mixed bag of awesome, meh that’s ok and a twist of whatthefuckwasthat?!?!?!…

That’s part of the trick.


Your perspective literally “sets the stage.”

It dictates the rules for how your game is played.

Perspective is first, it’s fundamental, it’s the foundation from which everything else happens.


If your life was a movie, your perspective is the music, the colors, the location, the weather, who the other characters involved are, and so on. It sets the mood, the ambiance, the tone… 

Everything else is downstream of perspective and influenced by it. 

Your perspective = how you see yourself and how you see yourself in the world. Your perspective feels like “Truth.”


Next, you convey that perspective (communicate it) to your self and the world, and you do so with very specific context…

often, the specific context you’re using is actually inaccurate, inappropriate, or too vague to get you what you want.

  1. Perspective is everything.
  2. It’s all about communication.
  3. Context matters most.


You’ve formed your perspective and honed it since you were a child.

The core parts of your perspective were in place by the time you were about done with high school…

and, while someone could have pulled you aside when you were seventeen and explained that the idea was to learn how to form an identity… not to form the one that you did…


And that all you had to do was to decide who you wanted to be, what you wanted to be like…

based on how you wanted to feel about yourself, and then go do that, and that anytime you choose to, you can literally start with a blank canvass.


But they didn’t, or it didn’t land on you.

Your identity is simply a perspective and no one told you that that is “a truth” and not “The Truth.” 

So, here you are, playing the original character you developed on your way to “adulthood” (your early twenties), and, let’s face it, no one plays this version of you better than you do.


Like I said… if you only knew exactly what you were doing and how that actually works… 

*DIG and all the “parts” that make up this elaborate labyrinth of elegant pieces have been woven together to form a self-directed choose your own adventure, personal advancement game.


Created to be your “substitute guide” and companion while you sort your “self” out…

…meaning, to trust yourself so that you can lead yourself and become your own “Guide.”

*And get what you want in the process.


So, What’Cha want?’

This is about me, not you.

Weird, right?
Stay close, it’ll make sense shortly.

I’m leaving this as a breadcrumb trail for myself in case I ever end up back here playing this game of hide and seek…

So that I can reboot myself to a preferred level of Gameplay…  and get myself up to speed quickly, like testing out of the first few levels.

The messenger isn’t what’s important… the message is and that’s what we’ll focus on here.

In fact… this is where you fully take the step of “shooting the messenger” and become one yourself – don’t worry, you need not be one who spreads the message, you’ll do that simply by demonstrating the magic… we’ll come back to that.

Shall we?


Don’t mind me, I’m just playing with my crayons.

After 40 some years I’ve created a life where I get to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, with whom I choose to do it with, as many times as I want to do it.

I don’t know about you, to me, that kinda seems like the point.

Don’t worry about who I am, concern yourself with your “self.” If this style and particular telling of the message suits you, fantastic. 

Who I am is complicated. What I am is easier. I alter outcomes…


This is FOR you, not ABOUT you.

What we’ve constructed here is something I liken to a self-directed, choose-your-own-adventure.

Think digital comic book, ala the movie Big, plus the movie series that takes you on an adventure, to develop yourself as a character, like LOTR or GOT, plus the twists and turns of the games we grew up with, Clue, Monopoly, Shoots, and Ladders… 

Throw in The Oregon Trail, Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, and Mad Libs…

the TV series, Radio shows, books, card games, mind puzzles, quests and so on we all grew up with, layering in all the shelf help, personal dev, high-performance, goal-crushing nonsense, and everything else you’ve tried to apply to fix “it”…

all wrapped up into a world designed to show you how to navigate your “self”, develop WHO you wish you were, and emancipate your “self” from who you think you’re supposed to be, or who you think other people think you ought to be. (Longest run-on sentence ever. Maybe.)

Like a real-life game of D&D – which I’ve never played btw. 



On the front end of this “world”, it seems like there’s A LOT, and therefore it must be complicated.

On the contrary, its verboseness serves several purposes.

  1. To weed out those who think there’s some magic shortcut they haven’t found yet (*HINT: You ALREADY HAVE IT).

  2. To provide you with enough context that your comparative thinking mind can connect enough dots to understand WHAT is being conveyed here.

  3. To sift and sort the people who relate to my style from the larger crowd. Just because I can serve you doesn’t mean I’m the right fit.

  4. To provide insurmountable obstacles for those who aren’t ready to be or become their own authority and craft their own game and make the rules.

  5. To identify those who are willing to DIG. (Dude. It’s a game. A game of ordering your own chaos. – If you can’t or won’t make sense of this chaos, the simplicity of “it” likely won’t land on you here.)


Love it, hate it, agree with it or don’t…

That’s on you, if this tugs on you, pulls you forward, it’s for you, if it doesn’t, I hope you find your way in another realm soon.