Welcome to DIG

—A psycho-spiritual playground for Soul-Mountaineers.

We are the seekers and the explorers, on an adventure to answer the Unanswerable Questions:

Such as—

  • What the hell is this place?
  • What am I doing here?
  • Who am I?
  • and How the fuck does this all work!?!?!
  • —among others

…in the hopes that we may understand ourselves, the world, and our place in it.

We are the Puzzlers. The ones who seek what lies beneath the surface of this experience we call life and an understanding of how it works.

If you find yourself taking “things” apart and putting them back together… particularly around your “self” and how you relate to the world—and, if my peculiar brand of weird resonates, welcome home.

About DIG:

A Soul-Mountaineering Park—a unique playground dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of “being human”—

inviting you to discover the mechanics of “WHAT” you are doing and “HOW” it actually works, enabling you to execute “IT” effectively and get what you want…

while demonstrating “The Magic” to those around you in the hopes that they pull on that thread and do the same for themselves.

—and figuring out how to deal with yourself… (The REAL GAME: The Game of Self).

About Me

Hi. You can call me Justin some of my friends call me Dig.

Born in the ’70s and raised in the ’80s, I spent the ’90s and 2000s taking life apart and putting it back together. I’ve played with fire and danced with dragons since.

Along the way, becoming a cartographer of sorts, mapping out the code of Worldcrafting (GodMode & The Game of Self)… for those looking to craft their own realities.

Distilling it all into a message and a map in case I ever find myself back in this place, starting over at the beginning of the game and seeking the answers to the Unanswerable Questions.1

We are merely here to be and have experience.

The nature of that experience, whether it be “good” or “bad,” is entirely up to you—you can have it any way you choose… if you understand WHAT you are and HOW that works.

I’ve endeavored to deliver DIG as a “Self Directed, choose-your-own-adventure-personal-development-advancement game” that captivates and intrigues while poking and prodding, presenting bits & pieces in ways that evoke your inner puzzler so that you may connect the dots within your own experience and smile more often.

About You

You’re a seeker. And an explorer.—

on an adventure, learning how to create at will by becoming a guide to yourself and the rest of us.

You’re a Puzzler, drawn to the mysteries beneath the veneer of everyday life, eager to dismantle and reassemble the essence of your being—your relationship with yourself, and the world.

You’ve likely been around the personal development and self-help block enough times to fill in as a tour guide…

Yet, it feels like something’s missing, something’s off, like none of what you’ve found thus far fits quite right.

Looking for something *else—Your OWN way, perhaps?

Dude, It’s a Game.
Tag, You’re “It.”
Hi, we see you

Whatever you believe, you’re here reading this. I’d tend to think you have a reason for it—2

About Us

We are generally solo travelers, happiest working our magic behind the scenes in our own lives and on behalf of those we care about, illuminating the path for others by learning how to make our own way, tinkering with the source code that underlies this experience.

We are the secret society of Soul-Mountaineers.

If this resonates, welcome to “The Park.

  1. This is a game (this life of ours, and our experience of it), and our reality is a playground of sorts, where Source (Consciousness) plays a character for the sake of experiencing itself and what it is and has created.

    We—the character—have way more say-so in HOW this experience of ours goes…

  2. DIG is for the personal development connoisseurs, the self-help aficionados, high-performance devotees… the initiates, and mystery school graduates—

    who have yet to find what they’re looking for…

    DIG is for the seekers still seeking “IT.”