Dude, it's a Game.

We are Seekers...

Our “task” as it were, is to wake up, grow up, and clean up…

Our selves, and our lives, as a demonstration to those around us so they may do the same…

So they may live into their full self, their true self. So they can see that being the you that you want to be is possible and that that’s what’s “freeing.”

So they may begin playing the game of remembering and eventually become the demonstration for someone else.

We’re all just walking each other home.

That’s what that means.

Yes, we consciously and intentionally help (guide) those around us…

We do it best by demonstration.

We are Seekers. Seeking understanding.

This is part of the game of hide and seek we play with ourselves, seeking understanding, while we look outside of ourselves for it.

You’ve likely figured out by now (before you ever arrived here even) that it’s an inner game, where the point is to seek an understanding of your “self” and somehow come to terms with that self and translate that into self-leadership…

That’s that next part, the Self-Discovery part, which leads to self-directed, or intentional Self-Actualization which is what many of us are trying to do, simply “actualize” differently – that’s one of the reasons it seems so hard to change, or maintain that change – more on that later.

Regardless of what your life is like right this minute, you’re seeking something, a better “this” a bigger “that” more of something, less of something else.

It’s our nature to straddle the lines of this paradox, wanting something, getting it, wanting something different.

When this paradox is mismanaged or we’re unconscious of it, we experience lack and chase things outside of us hoping that catching them will fill us up.

That pursuit eventually leads to self-destruction… always seeking something “else.”

You’ve got the life you have, wanting it to be different in some way.

Never content for long.

The satisfaction of achievement fades almost as soon as it’s captured.

This paradox causes many of us to feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled, hollow even… or downright frustrated.

Like, somehow, we never get “there.”

Almost, but not quite.

It doesn’t have to be that way though…

This is something we’ll come back to later, for now, realize it’s part of the fabric of this Game that you’re playing we all call life.

Using this paradox as a catalyst to direct “happiness” and leveraging your natural drive to be more, have more, do more while always feeling you already ARE, is just a perspective shift.

And by holding this paradox, from a different perspective essentially allows you to have your cake and eat it too.

And yes, Dude, this is a big part of learning how to play the game with the “cheat codes.”

Getting “there” wherever, whatever that means to you is actually attainable (read: you in fact CAN get what you want and HAVE the satisfaction that comes with getting it)…

Just, maybe not the way you’ve been going about it.

It’s a dance. You get, experience the satisfaction, you swing into fulfillment, then it’s off to do/be/have the next thing WITHOUT losing the sense of satisfaction.

This allows you to ADD to the fulfillment, instead of the wild swings up and down many of us go through regularly.

It’s a dance dude, not a race that you must start, stop, and start again. If that makes sense…

I digress.

We’re seekers. Seeking something.

Once we understand the dynamics of that and how to use this paradox, we stop feeling empty, stop getting in our own way and stop self-sabotaging.

We become formidable, unstoppable, we realize we’re the worthy opponent… and we’re playing against ourselves, not the world.

When we use this core skill of “seeking” appropriately, we gain peace of mind.

The peace of mind that we are whole, that we are complete… Now, not after we “get” something, or achieve something or amass some arbitrary amount of something.

That the things we’re seeking aren’t what fills us up.

It’s the quest dude, not the destination that gives us satisfaction and the fulfillment that we’ve been looking for.

It’s derived by something else entirely, not the “getting” of some “thing” or reaching a goal.

“Seeking” is a gift, a talent, a skill that you have innately.

It can be honed, and directed in such a way that it becomes an asset… instead of leaving you feeling like something’s missing, or something’s off somehow.

We are Seekers. We are also…