How To Play

The Game...

You’re not broken. You don’t need “fixed” – there is nothing wrong with you, except that you think there is.

And, at the same time, there’s something about your life, your world, or your self that you want to be different in some way…


How we do that is:

      • Self-awareness:
        • Seeking
      • Self-discovery:
        • Exploring
        • Adventuring
      • Self-actualization:
        • Create
        • Guide

Self-awareness leads to self-discovery, which causes self-actualization (the thing you know needs to happen, but “trying” to be different doesn’t seem to work.



It’s all about self-awareness.

The Self-discovery can’t/doesn’t happen without “Catching ourselves – in the act…” – more on that later…

and what many of us are trying so damn hard to do is the Self-actualization part… which, actually happens on it’s own when the first two parts are handled appropriately.


Self-awareness is the key – and, you’re not a goldfish with a broken attention span, that’s simply a “program” you may be running.

There seems to be a lot of people who teach that it’s all hard work and rigorous training, reparenting, deep work… 

Um. Not really.

It can be that way if you want it to be… but it certainly isn’t required.


When you place the “lever” at the right place and apply the right “leverage” it doesn’t have to feel like work…

And the “doing” part of this doesn’t have to suck.

That’s, just like someone’s opinion man… lol


So much of the shit out there comes at this “personal development” thing from a few main perspectives:

1. “Life is hard, you just need to grow up and act like an adult, lifes a bitch and that’ll never change. We’re going to reparent you and harden you the fuck up!”

2. “You’re just a soft little flower and if you give yourself enough self love, it’ll all be better tomorrow. We’re going to heal all the things and cry it out”

3. “You need to change the way you think, like, be more positive and shit, write some affirmations, burn some incense, wake up early, spend 23 hours a day sitting under a tree and really let go of it all.”

Um. Yeah. Nope.


It’s almost like these 3 “Ways” are ripe for marketing to people who need to be led…

How about another way…

It’s YOU, dude. No one knows what the fuck YOU need… likely a mix of all the above and THEN some.

You know what none of the shit I’ve learned has really ever gone into?

Having a REAL relationship with YOUR SELF.

Guess what my entire life beyond 5 has been about? RELATIONSHIPS.

Guess what I finally figured out?

What it means to have one with my “self” and HOW to do it.

Self-awareness… Is how you “play” this Game and Win at it.

All the other “stuff” begins to unfold, unwind, and unravel on its own when you gently tug on the thread of Self-Awareness, right here, right now, in this moment.

Moment by moment.

Guess what’s REALLY hard and awkward for almost ALL of us?