We are Guides...

This really goes deep. The idea of becoming a Guide, even if only for one other person…

The real “Point” of it all… get centered enough, learned enough, wise enough, well rounded enough…

…well adjusted enough.


To provide a new perspective to someone else.

Before you can do much good for anyone else, you’ve got to learn how to guide yourself.

I don’t believe there is any end to this, learning how to become our own guide…


But a lot of people are trying to help others, guide them, coach them… when they can’t even guide themselves.

Fill your own cup first dude. It may seem like a selfish thing to do, but it’s damn hard pouring from an empty cup… and no one else wants (or deserves) the mud that’s in the bottom of your cup.


Think about this for a minute:

For ages, we humans lived in small tribes, somewhere typically between 50 and 150…

You know what happens when you’ve built a tribe like that?

Generations of people, spanning the age range. Babies, to the elderly (elders).

Guess what none of us have any more?

A dozen or so elders, who know us, love us, and have our ultimate best interests at heart.

Guess what we’re all “seeking”?

How to become an elder.

Your ideal identity. Think about it.


If/when you become your “utmost”… what does that mean? What would you be like?


Yep. “One of the Elders.”

You’d have knowledge, wisdom, experience… passed on to you, built upon by you, passed on by you.

Call it whatever you want.

This is what’s actually driving us all mad, freaked out, anxious, chasing the wrong shit to fill this big empty hole… that we ALL have…

The knowing, under the surface, that we don’t have a lineage of elders who KNOW what’s coming for us and who can help prepare us for it.

There’s a whole bunch more to what I just said. If that resonates with you, shall we go on a…