One of the fundamentals...

There are a few “fundamentals” of the Game…
and playing it.

Awareness is one of them.

In fact…

Awareness is “the” thing.

It is the doorway.. and the lock.. and the key.

Without awareness, there is no door to walk through, no lock to be unlocked, and no key to unlock it.

Without awareness, you can’t play the game.

Without awareness, the game is playing you.

Without awareness, you’re an “extra” in the video game on the tv screen no “one” is playing, just another character being automated by the system.

Awareness is the “work” of it all…

It is the wax on wax off…

It is the crux of the “play” of the game.

Why do Olympic athletes “practice” incessantly? To become so excellent at their craft, they become automatic at it.

To make their actions “second nature.”

Awareness is the base, fundamental skill set you must possess in order to play the game.

We’ll come back to this later… humans are designed to be on “auto-pilot” anywhere from 80-mid 90% of the time.


There are several important reasons for this:

      • Internal systems processing
        • including both mental and physical processes so we can “focus” on things in our environment
      • Energy conservation
        • We are by our very design, a system of physical processes, fueled by physical fuel, in a constant state of entropy (to fall apart over time) – our bodies are WIRED to conserve energy
      • Pattern recognition
        • to ignite the fight, flight, freeze systems of the body to name a few…

And, in many ways our automation’s are excellent and when used appropriately, can produce amazing results, as well as keep us safe.

However, our ability to create and execute these automation’s without intentionality can lead to behaviors that get us the opposite of what we want…

When automation’s are in place and ingrained like a decades-long practiced behavior, if they are behaviors that don’t suit you, there’s essentially no way to escape the effects they cause.

Because we don’t even see these behaviors. They are so automated, we take them as part of us, not something we do.

We’re talking about the behaviors that cause the behaviors we see…

Think about it like this, when you get “fed up” with a situation or another person and blow your gasket, most people think of that, the blowing the gasket part as the behavior that needs to be changed…

In truth, there are dozens of deep-seated behaviors that led to you blowing a gasket, many occurring hours, or even days before the encounter where you lost your shit.

None of which appear to even be related to losing your cool when “shit happens.” Nonetheless, they set up (caused) the environment for you to execute on that behavior everyone can see and feel.

Who’s pulling the strings? You or a sequence of automations?

Further, these automatic behaviors are actually automation’s triggered by deeper automation’s that are much more difficult to identify.

These behaviors developed into automation’s that allow us to float from one moment to the next and perceive time as a linear experience are what most people are trying to change when they try to change their habits.

But it’s not that easy. Or everyone would just create “better” habits. It’s also not just a laziness thing, there’s a lot more going on here.

And awareness is the key to unlocking them – the automation’s that run your life and prop up the identity you’ve constructed over the years.

The ability to play from the state of “in charge” comes solely from this one thing. Awareness.

Without awareness, and the ability to wield it constantly and consistently, by the time we’re in our 30’s, we’re basically automatons… and for the most part, exactly who and how you will be like for the rest of your days.

Yes, I said there are a few fundamentals of playing the game, if we were talking about chess here, awareness would be the board, the pieces, and the two players.

Here’s how the Game works at a meta-level.

  • Self-Awareness.
  • Self-Discovery.
  • Self-Actualization.

Chances are, you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, or a self-employed hired gun rocking people’s world with your craft… 

You’ve no doubt heard the term “working on your business instead of in it.”

That’s what we’re talking about here, playing the Game using self-awareness so you can allow the self-discovery to happen, which unfolds the self-actualizing is just that, “working on your life instead of in it.”

Make sense?

(Self-awareness – Self-discovery – Self-actualisation) is a “loop” that all work together, generally in one direction, like a river flowing downstream…

You can “drop in” to the “loop” of the above at any stage, provided you’ve already started playing, intentionally, from the awareness stage.

A lot of people are doggedly doing “self-discovery” trying to sort themselves or their life out…

Most people I’ve spoken with (who haven’t really got the Game “rules” down yet) are somewhat forcibly trying to self-actualize… trying to “make shit happen.”

Some people are stuck in the loop (I’ll explain what I mean by “loop” in a minute) putting all the emphasis on the discovery part or the actualization part thinking they’re being aware because they’ve got a plan, or a modality, or even a practice.

Here’s the “flow” of it again:

Self-Awareness leads to Self-Discovery which allows for Self-Actualization (if a choice is made and acted on – more on that later).

All the work (read: EFFORT) is done at the Self-Awareness stage. This proves difficult for most people because the effort that’s required to do real Self-Awareness isn’t what we’re taught “hard work” is like.

The “Effort” in Self-Awareness flies in the face of how we think it should be…

There’s a hint in that last sentence, maybe you caught it, maybe not, either way, I’ll provide the context and more perspective on it later.

Once you understand it, the whole thing begins to flow and the “work” part of this becomes “play” (depending on your perspective – which is what we’ll be working on… your perspective.)

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a whole lot more to this awareness thing, it’s actually the core of what we’ll be focussed on…

What it really is, how to use it to get what you want from yourself, your life, and your experience of you in the world.

For now, let’s move on.

PS. I’m sure you noticed that I repeated myself several times in the paragraphs above, albeit in slightly different ways…

if you were totally present, you might have even caught yourself questioning it like “dude, you’ve already said this like three times…”

If that was you, go with it, there’s a reason for it, and no, I don’t think you’re a dummy… even if you didn’t notice that until reading this, pinky swear.





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